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Your Tallahassee Headshot Portrait is what gets you the job or none at all. Headshots are your calling cards to success!

Lance Oliver Photography, a professional Tallahassee headshot photographer, produces professional headshots in Tallahassee that is natural and will stand out from the crowd. The look you need anytime, anywhere, we will find it for you!

We offer Tallahassee headshots photography for: Acting (Film, Television, Commercials, Theatre), Professional Portraits (Business, Executive, Corporate, Promotional) and Fashion Modeling and Print.

Please view ourHeadshot Packages and Prices and make an appointment NOW with one of the best headshot photographers in Tallahassee Florida!

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E-mail: olivhanson@yahoo.com – Phone: 850-508-2714

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"Lance Oliver is a fantastic headshots photographer in Tallahassee. He knew what I wanted, was extremely professional, and the shots are so amazing that I truly have more than a gracious plenty to choose from. I have been shot by some of New York's finest photographers and Lance is as good any of them, if not better."
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Connie May Fowler
"I wanted a Headshot that really showed me, Lance took it a step further and showed the BEST of me."
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Steven Jenks
"Compared to my older headshots with previous agencies, Lance’s work shows and projects professionalism. Each actor must find that photographer who brings out the personality, of what makes that person unique. I have been searching for years, and now I know that I need not to search anywhere else. I have never been more satisfied and happy with my headshot to stardom than with Lance Oliver Photography! God bless."
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Maria Lopez
"I am so pleased with all of my photos. Lance Oliver was very professional in everyway. I decided to work with him because his photography work looks very natural and creative. He brings out the best in an artist’s photos. I will definitely be working with him again in the future!"
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Joanna Cailly
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"Mr. Oliver possesses a great attention to all of the photo, not just the subject, but the counter-subject as well. His vision of the work as whole makes each photograph like its own work of art in itself."
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Jimmy Moore
"Comfortable environment, very accessible, state of the art editing and affordable rates. I will definitely be back again!"
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David McDonald
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"The Tallahassee headshots photography was great. Lance is really nice and encouraging when taking the headshot pictures. I recommend him enthusiastically."
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William Conception
"Lance, your website attracted me to your eye of unique composition. Your photography work did not disappoint me. I have tough choices to make because you captured so many very useable views."
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Dan Clark
"It was great working with Lance. It was fun and professional. The photographs came out beautiful and look natural. He can accommodate for anytime any place. I recommend him highly for Tallahassee headshots. It’s just what I was looking for. Thank you!"
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Stephanie Del Rosario
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